Henry walking


Henry walks with forearm crutches covered in animal stickers. At first, he loves the way the crutches make him feel. When that changes, he takes comfort in friendship and in Joel’s gift to him. Buy the book from my wonderful small publisher, Penny Candy Books, who is committed to telling underrepresented stories! Or, if you prefer, get it from the all-powerful Amazon!

“As the mother of a boy with a disability, who also uses crutches, this book is amazing and exactly what we needed. It's so hard to find books that helps connect to kids with disabilities - so we really loved this story and how beautifully it was illustrated." - Chance's mom
Chance with Henry the Boy Book
Molly Felder and Patterson

Molly Felder

I’m a writer, English as a Second Language teacher, and dog mom to the talented and brilliant Patterson A. Dog, the service dog who changed my life for the better.


This is Elsa, my student in Shanghai, China. She loves Patterson too!

I received my dog through Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI places these incredible dogs FREE OF CHARGE! Mobility isn’t the only need the dogs help with. To see the types of dogs CCI trains and gives to recipients and explore whether an assistance dog might be right for you, visit their website. If you think you might be able to volunteer as a puppy raiser, apply here.

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Patterson and I love school and library visits! Email me to set up an in-person or Skype/FaceTime reading.